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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Something is Happening

Our project is finally starting to become something besides an idea and it's super exciting. Alexa and I have been considering our fundraising options for St.Jude and have decided to do the "Up till Dawn" fundraiser. It's where you form a team of six people and each person raises at least $100 before the event. Then all the teams gather on the night of the event and stay up all night doing activities. We were planning on doing six teams and it would be sophomores from our school participating. This event is usually held at colleges so we were nervous our high school wouldn't go for it. After talking to our teacher, we learned that our school has participated in all nighters before so that was super exciting to hear. Even better was to learn that we could possibly use the gym to hold the event in. After learning the fact that our school would most likely be cool with us hosting this event, I emailed someone at St. Jude who is strictly involved with the "Up till Dawn" fundraisers. I have yet to hear a response back from them but I'm not worried about it. At this moment, I am just too excited to think of anything else. The best part is getting to plan the activities we do during the night, even if they are as simple as watching a movie or making blankets for kids at St. Jude. To be honest, I wish everything was already planned and that the event could just already happen!

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