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Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Event is Going To Happen!

Wow this past week has been super exciting! I have been in contact with a St. Jude Michigan representative and we have been exchanging emails all week. I presented the idea of my high school hosting the Up Till Dawn event, which was shot down because it's a college event. Though after he considered it, he decided why not! They are trying to get more high school students involved with St. Jude and he thought this would be a great step in that direction. In one of his emails he suggested that we have a phone call to talk about the event and the direction we want it to go in. Alexa and I picked out a time when we were both free and scheduled a talk with him after school. Before the call, Alexa and I gathered our thoughts on what we wanted this event to be and wrote them down. We felt fully prepared to share our ideas and convince him that we are very passionate about doing this event. We talked with the representative for at least a half hour about the event and it was very exciting. Alexa and I couldn't stop smiling! He kept applauding us on our efforts and he said that he could tell that we are very passionate about this event. At the end of the talk we agreed on writing up a proposal on the essentials of the event to present to our school. He also brought up the idea that we could form a St. Jude club at our school, which would essentially be a tiny committee that would help us plan the event. This club could then go on for several years, even after Alexa and I graduate. It could be a lasting legacy at our high school. So look out South, St. Jude is coming your way!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Things Are Getting Exciting

Lately things have been heating up. Over our nice long Christmas break, I was determined to get a lot of work done on our project. I was hoping to meet with Alexa over break but whenever I was free, she was busy and vice versa. So we resorted to texting and writing down our own expectations and ideas for our project. We are both mainly on the same page for ways to raise money and get our whole community involved, which is super exciting. The only let down was receiving an email from St. Jude saying that we can not do an Up Till Dawn event at our school because it is for a college setting. They presented us with other events we could do at our school but Alexa and I had no interest in them. We have our minds set on the Up Till Dawn event. We decided to pitch the idea to them to let us host an Up Till Dawn except have it be high schoolers called Up Till Dawn Jr. St. Jude allows you to present ideas to them for fundraising events so we are hoping that they will let us go through with it. Expecting St. Jude to go along with our event, we started coming up with ways to raise money. One way we know would make money would be a raffle at our school. We would sell tickets for a dollar during lunch and you could place your ticket in the bin of the item you wanted. Alexa and I started brainstorming and coming up with businesses that would donate items to be raffled off. One business we are hoping to connect with is Microsoft. Alexa's aunt works for Microsoft and the last fundraiser Alexa did, her aunt got Microsoft to donate a Xbox One to raffled off. That just made me super excited because I know that item will get people excited about raising money. We quickly texted her aunt about the Xbox and her aunt texted back saying she will see what she can get us. We also started thinking about businesses that would match what we would raise. Also we are working on a special side event that could hopefully raise money for St. Jude but it's a secret so I can't tell you yet! Just know that it's incredibly awesome. So as of right now, I'm super excited about our project. I can't wait until we have the set date for the event and we can get this party started!