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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lazar Tag, Karaoke, and Bull Rides Oh My

For the past week I have been on mid-winter break and I've been constantly thinking about our event. I've had a bunch of free time so I've been working really hard on getting things set up. I've contacted several different event companies who own inflatables, games and different activities along those lines. What I've been focusing on is if they have activities that I think would draw high school students to the event. I've been looking at rentable lazar tag equipment, mechanical bull rides, sumo wrestling suits, giant hamster balls, etc. Just fun activities like that people would enjoy and participate in throughout the night. As I start thinking of having to entertain teenagers for twelve straight hours, I start to wonder if I have enough activities. I'm thinking of borrowing peoples ping pong tables, air hockey tables, and foosball tables so people can stay entertained. I'm also trying to get something along the lines of a someone who does caricatures or henna tattoos to come for some of the night. I've already decided we will show a movie but of course, that movie is undecided. Also part of the night is dedicated to making items for the kids at St. Jude. It will be whatever they need, blankets, care packages or even just cards of encouragement. I'm also looking into getting some source of music, whether that be a DJ or a band of a sort. I've tried to contact a few small artists, hoping they will be willing to make an appearance during the night because that would be a big draw for kids. Of course there will also be an abundance of food, mostly pizza, drinks, snack foods, and desserts. Just the perfect recipe for teenagers. This might seem super overwhelming but I'm not worried. But Alexa, well let's just say she gets freaked out easily.

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