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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Let's Get This Show on the Road

For at least the past month Alexa and I have been communicating with the Michigan representatives over emails and phone calls. Though this Tuesday we are finally meeting them face to face. Since we got the okay from our principal to host this event the St. Jude representatives said they would love to come meet our principal, Alexa and I to further discuss the details of the event. Alexa and I are very excited to have this meeting with them and know what we have to start doing to really get this show on the road. We both know that before we start raising money for St. Jude, we have to offer an event that is interesting and exciting to students to make them want to come. We've been looking at different activites teenagers would like to do that we would be able to set up in our school. We looked at lazar tag equipment and we found a guy who has an inflatable lazar tag course that we could use. We are currently waiting on an email back from him on whether or not he would be okay with donating the course. I've also been looking at photo booths and other things like that. The hardest part is getting the person to donate their item because these items all cost money. Though we are hoping that they will agree to donate to help cure cancer. We are also starting to look at businesses that we think would match the total amount of money we collect. That way whatever money we make, the company can basically double it! Alexa and I are both very excited to be putting on this event and we can't wait until we have a clear path ahead of what we need to do.

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