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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Get To Work

Now that our event is actually an official thing now, we actually have to start working super hard. Like really hard. Our biggest project right now is getting businesses to sponsor us. It sounds like a pretty easy thing to do but its harder than it seems. Some businesses are totally for it while others are hesitant or just totally against it. It frustrates us a little bit when we are rejected because we don't understand how a business wouldn't want to sponsor our event. It's helping children live! Anyways after totaling up most of what we will have to spend on the event, we will need at least eleven sponsors to make this event 100% for St. Jude. Again, it sounds easier than it is. Luckily I live in a town where there are many independently owned businesses that I believe would love to sponsor us. After we get the money from our sponsors, that is when we can actually start hiring people and activities. We are hoping to have a magician, henna tattoo artist, caricature artist and a hypnotist at our event at different points in the night. As for activities we are hoping for laser tag, mechanical bull, obstacle course, Velcro wall, photo booths, etc. All of these activities are really fun to look at and think about having, but unfortanely, the price tag makes it less fun when you have to come up with the money on your own. This is going to test us to see if we can actually take it and I'm ready for it!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Save The Date

The event is in full swing! We have the building reserved for May 15, which is the second Friday in May so save the date! We finally put together our committee so we can get some extra help for this project. So far we have had a couple meetings together and it's super nice to have extra hands who have connections with people that we would never be able to contact. When we put together our committee we made sure to get all grades included so nobody would feel unaccounted for. I picked out the people in the other grades who weren't sophomores and it's really nice because I get to spend more time with people that I don't get to see a lot. Plus I get their input on what they think their grade would enjoy. I had another call with the St. Jude representative, just as like an update call, and he said it sounds like we got everything taken care of. We are right on track with what we need to do, which includes creating certain documents, contacting businesses for sponsorship and getting in contact with people for activities to do during the night. Every business we have talked to about hiring them for activities have given us really good reduced prices, all because it's a St. Jude fundraiser. It makes me feel happy that people are still out there who will do that kind of stuff. Like this is their business and they're taking around $500 off of the price. It amazes me. Anyway the event is going to happen, like it's official. They are in the process of making the website so people are able to donate money online and create accounts so they can see how much they collect. It's all very exciting.