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Monday, April 20, 2015

It's Getting Closer

Our event is about a month away! It is so exciting for it to be getting a lot closer and I can't wait for it to finally happen. So far we have our schedule for the night, which includes a ton of eating, doing fun activities to win prizes, and doing activities that sponsor St. Jude. Basically the kids will show up a little bit before 11 p.m and we will check everyone in. During that time we will also be getting people pumped up with St. Jude promo videos, music and icebreakers. Then our next event will be doing a service project for St. Jude, either writing letters to the kids at St. Jude, making room decorations for them, and/or creating a lip-dub for them to make them happy. Then throughout the rest of the night we will do fun bonding activities to win prizes. Our prizes include a Windows tablet, Tigers tickets, concert tickets to concert of choice at the Palace, an autographed item from Taylor Swift, a SoccerGrlProbs basket, and several more we are working on getting. We will also have breaks throughout the night, like late night dinner and a movie. Of course the movie will have a lot of action so no one will be able to sleep. Hopefully this week we are officially launching our event though it's hard at my school because I have to get permission from the administrators just to be able to set a table up in the hallway. It's frustrating how many hoops I have to jump through for me to do a charity event but in the end, it's all worth it.