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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It's Time To Reflect

So this past school year, Alexa and I tried to take on the challenge of hosting a first year St. Jude fundraiser at our high school. When we first chose to do this, the end of the school year seemed very far away. We believed we had plenty of time. We were way too laid back and didn't realize how much behind the scenes paperwork had to be done for this event. Though I am disappointed in the fact that Alexa and I were mostly on our own for this event. We had really no help for most of the year and I think that really hurt us. We had no idea how much paperwork and forms had to be created/approved and no one was there to tell us what had to get done. If I had known of all the paperwork that had to get done that would have been my first priority. Not organizing prizes and games for the event. Though I still regret not being more on top of this event and making sure all the details were checked off. We didn't realize how much had to be done until a few weeks until our event and that's when everything came tumbling down on us. Not only did our date fall through but this is when all the adults finally stepped in and said "okay so you don't have this, this, and this done. Where is it?" My only response is that I didn't know "this, this and this" had to be done so I don't have it! It was very frustrating and stressful to say the least but I wish I had communicated better with my teachers so they could have known that we needed help. That way all of the commotion at the end of this project wouldn't have happened and we would be holding our event this school year instead of next.